Technology for Your Home

Are you looking to integrate your home with technology? Do you want universal accessibility and unprecedented entertainment? It’s all possible now with the latest techno gadgets and systems that can turn your home into an efficient and smart space.

Technology has made its way to our homes and now allows us to control and monitor various features and functions in our homes. What was once deemed impossible has now become a reality as smart homes are being controlled from a single touch screen device. With the increased level of interactivity and accessibility, modern homes are becoming more and more energy and space efficient. If you’re still not amazed, check out these features that will definitely surprise you!



Integration adds a whole new level of comfort and convenience. Complex home systems are integrated today to allow homeowners access to the heating, security, lighting, and other systems in their homes through a single touch screen. Microsoft’s SmartGlass and Apple’s home automation and control systems allow you to control and monitor just about everything in your home. Technology has allowed us to control and time room temperature, warm the hot tubs, open the gates for guests, and start a movie in a different part of the home all from one place.



Remember the days when you had to clear off a large amount of space to accommodate your large screen TV. Today, even larger TVs are being installed in modern homes which go unnoticed. Pop up ceiling lifts and TVs installed in the walls (not mounted on them) are become trendy and make minimal use of space. Speaking of which, minimal themes are become the hottest trends in homes as they complement the smart and efficient use of space that is reminiscent of technology. You can find many homes today that have 54 inch LED TVs installed in the walls while the video and audio features are being controlled through a touch screen.












Universal remotes have replaced the pile of remotes that was always scattered on your coffee tables. Universal remotes allow you to control various functions with the simple click of a button. You can now easily juggle between playing video games to watching movies and following your favorite sports. The advancement in smart phones and laptops has also contributed to the universal movement in homes. Smart phones can be integrated with your smart TVs and touch screens and allows you to control various features in your home, set up reminders, chat with your friends and family and much more. It’s not an option of choosing between talking with your mom and watching your favorite sport anymore!












Just about everything today has become more interactive. Homeowners now have the opportunity to turn their homes into a media center. Modern gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS4 provide gaming and entertainment features for all ages. The Kinect controller in Xbox One can be used to practice your favorite fitness routines with world class trainers like Jillian Anderson. The SmartGlass feature allows you to watch movies, play games, Skype with friends and family and control other features in your TV and console from your smart phone. With the increase in interactivity, you can now toggle between your favorite TV shows, video games, movies, and much more with the single press of a button. Smart TVs are internet supported and allow you to control volume, change channels, switch between apps, and browse the web with simple hand gestures.











Power management has become much more efficient and streamlined in modern homes. Many modern homes incorporate solar panel technology to eliminate using standby power, which accounts to around 5% of the total power consumption in the United States. When the system turns, off, it really goes off. It is the most energy efficient system that can be installed in a home today and can be integrated to turn off everything in your home except the refrigerators and any other appliances of your choice. With motion sensors and systems like SoundVision, your daily life habits can be monitored and the system will then create an energy consumption plan. For instance, if you leave for work at 7am, then the systems in your home will turn off until you arrive back at let’s say 5pm. With integrated and interactive systems that are not adding to your monthly bills, your imagination is the limit in having a smart phone.

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