Are you dreaming of a fantastic new garden makeover in time for the Summer? If so, then you need to plan ahead and should really be thinking about it now. You can transform your garden yourself if you have the necessary skills but, if you don’t have the time or the expertise you should seek professional help from a reputable contractor.

If you choose to use a contractor, to ensure you get maximum use and pleasure out of your new garden and get it finished in time for Summer, contact your contractor early to discuss your requirements. Reputable contractors are booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance. This way you will be able to confirm the plan and design and ensure you will have the project completed in time.

Planning a garden makeover gives you the opportunity to create something totally unique, totally personal and extremely special. To help you plan your new garden Marshalls plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative hard landscaping products, takes a look at the main points to consider:


Your lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and what you need from your garden space. Do you enjoy gardening? Do you need a lawned area? Or would you like to go for a very low maintenance option? Who is going to use the garden? Will you be entertaining? Gardens are now dual purpose living spaces with families using them as play areas, socialising spaces and as relaxation areas.


Often the easiest and most effective way to design a garden is to take inspiration from the surrounding architecture. Using the features of a building helps to bring a sense of unity to the overall design. To see the latest in landscaping designs and products, or to request a Marshalls’ brochure please log on to the Marshalls’ website or call 0870 1207474. Also take a look at gardening and home interest magazines, watch the latest gardening TV programmes and take a look on the internet for a wealth of ideas.



Choose the style

The style of your garden should say as much about you as your personality and the style of your house. You can create a minimalist, chic haven, or a traditional country garden, the options are endless – choose a design that best suits your lifestyle and home.

Create an outdoor dining area

If you enjoy dining outdoors, think about the space you need – do you need to build a BBQ area as well as a patio for seating? Also consider building a static seating area. This is worth considering as outdoor entertaining and dining can be enjoyed most of the year with the use of outdoor patio heating lamps.


Create a focal point

It is important to have one or more focal points to draw the eye through the space.  You can establish your own centrepiece with a distinctive Circle or Octant shaped paving feature or consider using garden sculptures and a water feature. There is no doubt that the sound of running water is calming and the reflective qualities of water can be a stunning design feature.  Also consider lighting a specific area of the garden. Lighting can be set in to paving flags on a patio or can be used to up light plants or specific features.

The detail

This is the fun bit where you get to stamp your personality on your dream garden – once you have an overall design and plan in mind you can add the ultimate finishing touches to make your garden unique to you. Consider the style and colour of planting, plant pots and garden furniture. Add intimate details such as garden sculptures to create your very own individual look.

Garden Design Service

If you need assistance in designing your garden, Marshalls recently introduced a new garden design service that offers customers the choice of three levels of design assistance. Option one is a DIY Design Kit, and Option Two and Three give differing levels of professional assistance and garden design services.


Choose a reputable contractor

Unfortunately, there are cowboy contractors operating in the UK. Marshalls Register of approved landscape contractors and installers can give you instant peace of mind. The Register consists of a network of highly reputable contractors who have undergone a strict vetting procedure to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. To find a Marshalls Register contractor please visit or call the Marshalls’ helpline for details Tel:  0870 120 7474.









Many people tend to focus on the inside of their properties more than the outside, but the exterior of your property is the first thing visitors see and can make a real statement about you and your lifestyle.

A well designed and correctly installed drive can dramatically improve the exterior of your home, and virtually every property, space permitting, will benefit from a block paved driveway. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, there are a wide choice of colours and styles of block paving available, made from either concrete or natural stone. Choosing the right colour and texture of paving and walling can completely transform the look and enhance your property’s best features.

Marshalls’ new Driveline Elite block paving and circle feature in Firebrick will provide all you need for a stunning driveway. The new Firebrick colour is a stunning red with brown and marigold tones. The circle pack contains all the blocks required for a 2.9 metre circle.

A new driveway needs to be a functional as well as attractive asset to your home. In addition to the choice of block paving, consider practical features such as security lighting and effective drainage. On the aesthetics side, hard landscaping should always be balanced with soft landscaping including trees, shrubs and planting.

If you want to see how a new drive would look on your home, then check out Marshalls Driveway Visualiser. You can simply upload a picture of your own tired driveway and transform it on-line via few simple steps into a stunning driveway using Marshalls’ products. It couldn’t be easier to follow as there are written, audio and animated instructions on the site. All you need to do is log on to:

Unless you have experience and technical knowledge to install a driveway, Marshalls recommend using the services of an experienced and approved contractor.  Marshalls’ Register of approved driveway installers consists of a network of reputable contractors who have undergone a strict vetting procedure to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

To locate your nearest Marshalls’ stockist, to request a brochure or to find details of your nearest Marshalls-approved installers please visit or call 0870 120 7474.


Marshalls plc is the UK’s leading manufacturer of innovative landscape products for driveways and gardens.



A driveway featuring Marshalls’ Driveline Elite block paving and circle feature in Firebrick.




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