The Smart Way Forward ─ Technology Gadgets for Your Home

Cool High Tech Gadgets for Your Home!

In an increasingly connected planet, you can’t ignore technology, you have to manage it. And if you happen to feel pretty smug thinking that you already do, then your sentiment is about to fall off a cliff. The following are some of the technologies which will help you digitally enhance your home, so that you can be more efficient and even lazier than before.

Stir Kinetic Desk

While the man cave is a room where boys have fun, the home office has always been a place where hg2gentlemen retire to get some work done. It’s a manly retreat in a person’s own home, if you will, so everything should be innately masculine, which also happens to go hand in hand with sophistication. Meet the Stir Kinetic Desk, a fully-motorized, touchscreen and Wi-Fi-enabled standing desk. It senses your movements while you approach splashes your options on a screen. It’s smart too, so it is able to learn your daily routine along with enabling the user to program preset heights and an intermediary point. But that’s not all, if the Stir Kinetic Desk thinks that you’ve been sitting way too long, (based on the settings you’ve plugged into it) it will give you a slight nudge to tell you to stand up.

Apple’s HomeKit

There’s nothing like controlling your home with your voice. While we’ve seen dozens of “smart” devices pop up over the past couple of years, from smart refrigerators and coffee pots to thermostats and lamps. Apple recently unveiled the HomeKit home automation system at it WDDC 2014 keynote.

hg3The HomeKit will allow users to trigger a number of compatible devices as they see fit, and will be able to do that whenever their iPhone enters or leaves a specific location in their house. Apart from that, with the help of Apple’s AI Assistant Siri, users can activate devices with their voice to either make sure the thermostat is lowered, all the doors and windows are closed, and the lights are shut off before they hit the hay.

Amongst the many gadgets which make up the HomeKit, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor helps a person listen or talk to their baby, while the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat works in pretty much the same way as the Nest Learning Thermostat. As in, it learns the habits of the user and can be easily tracked and adjusted via an app.

Power through Your Pile of Laundry

hg4A thorough laundry requires a solid spot remover and a good detergent. The Xeros washing machine is probably the biggest technology jump in laundry history since the invention of washboards. The Xeros washing machine does away with all the fuss by cleaning the most filthiest laundry by using 47% less heat, 72% less water, and yes, NO DETERGENT.

The technology which is use relies solely on dirt-absorbing plastic polymer beads that are stored, used and recycled completely by the machine. So, all you need to do is put in the laundry. But remember the rules, whites, lights and darks go separately.

The Bediator

Having a warm bed to snug into is cool, even if you have your woollies out. Basically, the Bediator is a radiator which warms up the interiors of your home, then doubles as a bed with a flip.

It also features a LED display so that users can keep track of the cool air it circulates during summer and the warm air during winter. While the amount of weight this radiator-bed can take hasn’t been provided, if it can take two people at the same time, it’s awesome.

Take Your Measurements Seriously

Kitchen drawers filled with mismatched sets of spoons measuring cups, it’s a familiar sight. Have you ever noticed how different measuring spoons look slightly different from one another? That’s because they are different. Keeping the importance of accuracy in mind, a digital measuring spoon is surprisingly accurate when it comes to measuring the coffee beans required for that perfect cup of coffee, or to carefully dispense medicine to your kid, or just to accurately measure the spices needed for that knockout curry. So, why not improve your output in the kitchen as well.

Ending Note

We are living in a truly remarkable time. Our streets are full of folks staring into their hands and so are our diners and cafes. The same can also be noticed even in the offices and shopping malls. The practice of taking a break from technology is probably as old as technology itself. But it seems that in an era where the internet, and thus the planet is as close as an iPhone, embracing technology and learning to live with it at all times seems like the smart way forward.

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